Friday, September 19, 2008

Another weekend - time flies..........

Here comes the end of another week. Friday nights are the most looked-forward part of the week - when you are most relaxed and eagerly waiting for 2 full lazy days to come. Mostly time for me to catch up with my friend in US, for her it is a busy Friday morning but still she finds some time for a quick exchange on weekly activities. And then some lazy late night browsing, and now of course blogging. Sorry I am a little boring type - enjoy being holed up at home rather than going out and having fun on Friday evenings !!!

Last 2 days the weather has suddenly improved around Delhi, it has been raining after quite some time. So today is an ideal Friday night - with all the benefits listed above with the plus of a great cool weather :)

This week one of my team members left the organisation for greener pastures. Though it has become a very common phenomenon these days - it is still difficult to accept for old timers like me - who have spent 9 long years in one organisation(my last one). We had a small team get together for farewell. Strangely in my last 11 months in the current team, there have been get together 4 times - all during farewells. It is a joy to work with a young motivated team, and losing a member can be quite disrupting for a functional team, which one takes initiative and lot of effort to build up. But at the end of the day, everybody is bound by his or her destiny.........and we all live and meet briefly in this vast world, during our journey of life.

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