Friday, September 5, 2008

Saga of a "power - less" week

Oops....Its Friday already ???? Thats a great relief and a greater surprise. Life seems to be a mad rush, we never realise how the valuable moments are being drained out of life second-by -second-by-second (pal-pal-pal would be more suitable but I am trying hard not to pollute this with one of our regular "hinglish" conversations - Hope you appreciate) in these mundane days and nights. But there is no way other way!!! There is no time to take a break and smell the roses along the way.

Now to highlights of the week gone by. It has been extremely hot and uncomfortable in Delhi over 2-3 weeks now. All the promise of a resoundingly successful monsoon have been washed away, and we are back to oh-so-typical dry and hot days of North India. And then to top it up, the generator in our society went out of order. So 2 hours on an evening - under a candlelight with army of mosquitoes hovering around. Nothing romantic at all. Somehow the power was back and relief and comfort of the AC!!! Then the generator was repaired and we enjoyed two days of uninterrupted comfort of AC, interrupted by only periods when we had to do with only fan and cooler. But that is a much better option that to do without anything.

But happy days were not here to stay!!! Again the story repeated yesterday morning. Its just so disgusting to wake up early morning at 5.30 - no not by chirping of birds and no not even by the alarm - due to suddenly feeling hot and sweaty as there is no power!!! And yes, yet again the generator failed to jump into life. And the misery was compounded by the revelation that there is no water too!!! Not a drop coming out of any of the assorted taps around!!! So there was endless wait till electricity and water was restored. And the end result of all this was a foul mood to start the day and missing my cab. But things were soon under control and I decided to try one of "radio taxis" to venture out to office.

Radio taxis have been around for quite some time in Delhi, only that I never tried them. So armed with 2-3 radio taxi service numbers I busied myself in dialling. The success came from "easy cab". I was on hold briefly after which the executive noted my address, mobile number and my desired time of boarding the cab. Then there was in IVR in which I was put to hold for few minutes during which the auto-search for the nearest cab was on. And the end of this, the number of the cab was given and I was told that I will receive a call from the cab driver once he is here.

In 20-25 minutes, as committed, the cab was at my doorstep, and I reached office pretty peacefully. Post this very delightful experience, I have added Radio Taxi to my list of the scarce "public" transport available in Delhi/NCR.

But the misery of the morning was not to go away so soon. Around 9 pm there was again a power cut - and again - no generator. Power was back just in time to help us avoid the agony of another hot and mosquito infested candlelight dinner !!! But relief was playing hide and seek yesterday. At 12 am, when just getting ready to retire for a niiiiiiice looooong sleep, poof, power gone again. This time candlelight was not required, but mosquito coil yes !!! After struggling to pull out some prehistoric stocks, we did succeed. So armed with coil and sheaf of the day's glossy supplementary doubling up as makeshift hand fans, the great agonising attempt to sleep. Power was back sometime later, but that couldn't prevent us from getting up all groggy and irritated.

The good news is that , subsequently driven by collective frustration and ire of the society members, the necessary repair work on the generator has been done and hence I am able to enjoy a cool and candlelight free blogging session .


Sucharita Sarkar said...

Here in Mumbai, we at least have the power to survive the potholes. You may have better roads, but we have better electricity, so it's 1-1 in the Mum vs Del contest, right?

Aleta said...

I'm so sorry you are having electricity issues. This is our hurricane season and our power was just restored. I live right outside of New Orleans. We're fearful of Hurricane Ike; we're in the "cone of probability" for the hurricane to hit here. We evacuated once for Gustav. Without electricity or use of water makes a person miserable, especially in the heat and humidity of summer.

Koel said...

well sumidi, I still belong to mumbai more than delhi :-) so not sure which side I am on actually

Koel said...

hi aleta...
it must be extremely stressful leaving in a area prone to hurricanes. I have been through one heavy bout of rains in Mumbai, which completely paralysed the city for close to 3-4 days, with no electricity, no water, waterlogging all over and no transport