Sunday, February 1, 2009

Comeback after a long hiatus....what better time to be back than a lazed Sunday after Sarswati Puja!!!

It is great to be back after a relatively long break of almost 2 1/2months. These long breaks are regular features with my other blog, but with this one I had promised myself to be regular. But like numerous other of my broken promises (e.g exercising regularly, joining a Gym, joining some cultural activity etc. etc...), this too was destined to be shattered to pieces :-) But well, I have enough excuses and I can back them up vehemently with anyone who dares to challenge them, I am very good at constructive arguments and the art of convincing ;-)

The last time I spoke from this forum, I was in dear old Kolkata for annual vacation. We had planned a trip to Kamarpukur-Jairambati this time, mainly due to interest and initiative of ma and mejomashi, who have recently been spiritually initiated into the Ramakrishna mission. For those of you who are not aware of the significance on these places, Kamarpukur is the place of birth of Sri Ramakrishna and Jairambati is where Ma Sarada Devi was born. While I was there, I was busy in detailed reconnaissance of the place so that I could bring it up in the same level of detailing that my senses were being exposed to in the serene settings of rural Bengal, later in the blog for you all. And after that, on my routine visits to New market, Gariahat, City Center, and even to the local market in Sodepur, I was always observing, things which I have known always....and things that I never noticed before. I suddenly seemed more aware and alert and ready to soak in all that was happening all around...Well, let me cut the story short : it has nothing to do with some spooky experience that you must be wondering I had in near past :-) This is so because now I feel I have a medium to express myself, my very own blog, where I am my own boss, I don't need to depend on any one's whims or fancies for expressing my thoughts, where I am not rebuked for my mediocrity. Such is the power of cyberspace, the miracle of the modern civilization.

Sharing the experiences of the vacation was planned for the last week on November and subsequently in December. But the day we came back to Delhi, Mumbai attacks happened, and I was stunned and shocked and upset and felt too numbed to even voice my anger and anguish over the cowardly act....The brutal attack on a city where I lived for 3 years and grown to love the freedom, openness and equality that the city offered.....I choose not to use the much maligned word "spirit" here, but these qualities of the city are essentially its spirit. I experienced a plethora of emotions, as I went through the 72 hours episode....recalling numerous times I felt so proud taking a leisurely walk along the seafront beside Taj Mahal Hotel. Being an employee of Tata group, and having known the glorious beginning of the Taj group, it was always a special feeling....

And then gradually, the realisation started seeping in, that this has actually happened....and as always, the danger of us getting back into our smug comfort zones started looming large....But I am glad this has not happened this time, and the fire is still burning....Lets hope this is the last such carnage out country is subjected to ...

And then I was swept off in deluge of work......and it continued through late nights on every weekday and working through the weekends....and it went on and on and on........and finally relief...So hereby I complete my explanation of my long absence and express my obligation to at least continue writing but without any guarantees of absence of any disappearance for short durations in future also :-)

And just to add the finishing touch for today, would like to share my culinary experiences (which also incidentally I indulged in after quite a while due to work related pressures). The day started with Ching Instant noodles in Hot Garlic Flavour with my special touch of spring onion and bell peppers. Lunch was an attempt at some continental fare with grilled chicken and prawns, boiled veggies sauteed in little butter, butter garlic mushrooms and butter-saffron rice. It was too late to cook the dessert, so I postponed it to evening. And in evening the dessert menu was apple coconut pudding, which turned out to be quite yummy :-)

Good Night all, and definitely see you next week :-)


Sucharita Sarkar said...

Feels great to catch up with your experiences, social/professional/culinary, after such a long gap.Looking forward to your next adventure.

Koel said...

thanks sumidi....hope to continue and also start reading more blogs and networking on blogosphere