Saturday, June 20, 2009


Its good to be back after a long time....The break this time got a little extended....It started with the loss in the family, then some business travel, and then some very serious juggling in the corporate jungle, some persisting depressing personal problems, and to top it all, a mild flu attack which is still persisting !!! Life has been on a continuous long roller - coaster....I have wanted to come back to blogging, taken mental note of stuff of things I would like to share with you all, but somehow it could not happen. And on the positive side, have had 2 review opportunities, first an e-book of a friend, and the second technical literature. The first one has hopes to see the light of the day, but the second was just a background job, but was great from experience perspective.

Had been to Stockholm on what I call my very short "annual pilgrimage" to the head quarters of the Swedish MNC I work for. This is the place where the earliest innovations in telecom had taken place more than 100 years ago, and still some of the most exciting innovations in telecom world are still driven out of this place. The agenda was introduction of new products to all the units in the company, which we are supposed to sell for the rest of the year. The amazing part of working in an MNC like this is that you can get into a conference hall with individuals from more than 180 countries, and feel part of a common goal. Diverse cultures coming together on the world stage feeling "one", makes one forget that political realities of the world - the gaping divisions that exist. Knowledge and Business are the greatest adhesives, which can bring the world from falling apart due to the political differences, and I believe that is the only way forward.

Since I was also there last year, and been through the city tour, cruise, the round of few museums etc., photography across the beautiful landscape etc. So this year there was nothing much on the agenda (non-work related I mean !!!). We reached a day before the event and had almost one whole day. But unfortunately the hotel was fully-booked being the most looked-forward part of the year for this part of the world, and the request for early check-in could not be honoured. Before you start imagining 40 degree Celsius+ temperatures, dry hot winds or extremely uncomfortable humidity - the various flavours of the Indian summer, let me tell u Scandinavian summer is nothing like it. The temperatures are at around 8-15 degrees, very pleasant when sun is around and actually shivering for us with the winds blowing at times!!!!

So, the after some freshening up, we deposited our luggage and went off to explore the Skansen museum - a very unique open air museum cum nature park cum zoo which showcases slices of life in Sweden across last few centuries. Also posting some pics for you to enjoy.
Another must-visit at Stockholm is the Ikea - the global giant in the home-store category. It was amazing with 5 floors of never ending floor space with all you can fit into a home - just amazing.
Well, thats all about my trip...There is lot of unfinished work to be taken up - the tale of the corporate jungle is the first and then sharing of recipes which I started sometime back. So many "breaking news" happening every day, on which we have passionate discussions in home and workplace, on which I would love to share my opinion.....In next few weeks I plan to to be BACK in full swing taking up these and more.

I also plan to move my other (autobiographical) blog to this platform, since yahoo 360 is closing down, and though I moved the blog to the new yahoo platform, I am not too sure it will survive. I am not willing to give up on the fond remembrance of first few years of my life which have penned painstakingly over last 2 years.

So folks, lot coming up. Please keep reading and watch this space for more.


Sucharita Sarkar said...

Glad to have back in blogging.

Loved reading about your Stockholm visit, as you mixed fact and anecdote so nicely.

"Knowledge and Business are the greatest adhesives" - how aptly said!

Pradip Biswas said...

I knew you shall come back and you made it. Now Keep it up. An interesting blog.

SGD said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging!
Waiting for the promised myriad tales...