Sunday, December 13, 2009

Short trips to 2 great destinations....

Just back from a week-long conference trip to Dubai. This happened to be my first chance to visit any place in middle-east, and that too the most happening city, so was naturally pretty excited. The conference was great and also the post-session city tours - shopping and mall-hopping.

The city, though a very apt example for the term "concrete jungle", is really really beautiful example of modern architecture - of all things man-made. Its an example what lots of money and lots of will can create on the face of earth...Tall buildings, great roads, out of the world malls with top brands, hordes of SUVs, Indians (and Pakistanis and Bangladeshis also)....almost everyone speaks hindi/urdu ...u almost feel you are in India - or rather an enhanced version of India.

One of the high points of the trip was a Desert Safari - a roller coaster ride through sand dunes in a caravan of Land Cruisers, followed by leisurely snacks and dinner accompanied by Arab music for most of the time, and a brief but very lively & fun belly dance performance.

The weekend before this was spent for a office team Building activity at Kanatal - in uttarakhand hills beyond mussourie. The resort is perfect for a relaxed holiday - the balcony opening to the hills - what can be better than a idle day, curled up in the balcony with a book - all covered up in warm woolies with a hot smoking cuppa tea !!! Well this was only a dream which I hope can be fulfilled when I get to go there on vacation. 2 days for us were all action-packed and hectic - starting with a morning walk through the hills just post sunrise, followed by sessions in the day and food and music in the evenings....

The only thing that I hated about this trip was the journey to and fro Dehradun through the hilly roads which just go round and round and round :-( Though I have travelled quite a lot through hilly terrains over the years, and considered myself immune to all uneasiness associated, but it was proven otherwise this time. The queasy feeling was common across, and even the bus had to be stopped quite a few times for people to stabilise themselves....So the next trip to hills - the anti-nausea pill will be part of the must-pack list!!!


Sucharita Sarkar said...

Wow, that was some hectic travelling! Dubai and hills of UP - two totally disparate destinations. But your post nicely pointed out the special features in each place.

POOJA said...

Hi Koel,
I just discovered that you blog too. I loved reading your short descriptions about Kanatal and Dubai. Infact, can you believe I just did the same thing last month. I was in Rishikesh over a w.e. and flew to Dubai on the next Monday. Well, the only addition I can make is the Levanese food that we tried at one of the restaurants in Dubai was must try it next time you visit.

Hope work is not keeping you too busy and you can manage to go on a short break in the coming summer months as Delhi is really not the place to go out.