Sunday, June 6, 2010

Holiday !!!

Just back from a quick Holiday in Hongkong. Why Hongkong of all places for a holiday, before the more popular destinations like Malaysia? Well, my friend N is there on a short term assignment, and from the time she came to know of it (that was quite a few months back), I had an open invitation to visit !!!

I had the same in mind, but no confirmed time frames. Around a month back, more serious thinking around the dates started, and also scouting for fellow singles (females only of course !!!) began. I was the only one who was confirmed and of course N, as we were visiting her. By the way, N is my classmate from college (of the long lost days of yore when I was actually that young). We hoped to see 2 more classmates, but none of them could make it due to different circumstancial issues, though they were eager to join. Finally I had company in another friend, U, who is an ex-colleague, and was my travel-mate in my first (the only one before this) foreign holiday in Singapore !!!

Only thing that required to be done in advance was ticketing as no Visa is required for 14 days - and our plan was for 5 days only. Oops I forgot the most important one - asking for leave from office and actually getting approval - that is the always the toughest part of any holiday project. These 2 taken care, I was able to concentrate on the finer details like some shopping for the travel.

Finally the day was here and we rushed from office to home and to airport, and finally boarded the flight. It was little scary for some time after take off as we felt that the aircraft was not gaining height at all. Air travel has become a little jittery last few weeks after the Mangalore mishap - with near-missed reported almost everyday. However our apprehensions were put to rest very soon and all was normal. Well - normal only from the safety front - otherwise it was pretty chaotic. We had a BIG group of people travelling together as a part of a some travel agency organised trip - and it was one of the most unruly, irritating & annoying group of people I have ever seen. And unfortunately, we were among the very few who were sandwiched in between the group. They managed to delay the flight & trouble the cabin crew so much that they stopped responding to any calls from this area of the airplane !!!

The journey from Airport to Kowloon island in the bus was amazingly beautiful - passing through mountains, bay, bridges & lot of greenery.

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