Monday, October 15, 2012

Summer Break at Kausani ....continued....

The plan for next day was local sightseeing around kausani. We did not want it to be too hectic but instead relaxed few hours. The first stop for the day was Anashakti Ashram where Gandhiji had stayed for 3 weeks. It is a small quaint ashram which is very peaceful and quiet. it has a beautiful mountain view surrounding almost 180 degrees. You can spend hours just sitting here and soaking in the peace and beauty of the surroundings.  There is a guest house also in the same campus and it can be pre-booked. This ashram was just next door to the hotel and subsequently we went and sat there and took a walk around in the next 2 evenings as well.

The next stop was the home of poet Sumitranandan Pant ji - who belonged to Kausani. It has been converted into a museum.

The next stop for the day was a place called Bageshwar which is a confluence of 3 rivers. There is a temple there where there is a big fair during makar sankranti. It is almost equivalent to kumbh mela of the hills. The cab driver gave us an option to see it from near or from a height where the confluence of the 3 rivers is visible clearly. We decided to enjoy the view from hilltop instead from the ground level. The view was simply too beautiful. We enjoyed spending time there. There was a small temple at the hilltop as well where we prayed briefly. it was a quite place with not too many people around - there was only a lady praying there who spoke briefly to my mother. It was the mysticity of the surroundings that got my mother the devbhoomi uttarakhand.....the lone lady may have been one of the divine beings....who knows ......

The next stop from here was Baijnath temple which is 9th-10th century temple complex. Like all the places around, it is also tucked in the middle of nowhere but almost intact. The priests actually offer puja as well there and we also offered our prayers. The best part of the place was a fish tank full of fishes of different sizes starting from huge to small. It is considered auspicious to feed the fishes there. Here there were quite a few tourists who were enjoying feeding the fish.

The next logical step for the day was definitely lunch and we were off to a small local eatery for the same. We had some freshly made dal, rice, roti & potato curry. It was a simple but really tasty meal.

It was back to the hotel after that and some afternoon nap. Post that it was time for some tea and snacks and sitting in the balcony enjoying the view. Even dinner was enjoyed on the balcony and post that it was time to retire for the day.

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